Patient Information

Our Standard Appointment time is 15 minutes, if you would like more time or have more than one problem please ask the receptionist for a 30 minute Long Appointment. We also encourage you to let us know which Doctor you would like to see and where.


Staying on time and running to schedule

Territory Medical is committed to doing everything in our power to run to your appointment time.  We provide on average, over 400 patient consultations per day – so we understand and value time as much as you do.

Please understand that it is not always possible to see your doctor or nurse on your exact appointment time.

Serious health emergencies with Ambulance involvement and Hospital phone calls can take up to 60 min or more to professionally manage and MUST take priority.  If every consult this morning ran just 2 minutes over time then your Doctor is running late by half-an-hour at midday!  Territory Medical Receptionists and Managers try to anticipate and manage potential delays by notifying you in advance where possible.  Please ensure you have a mobile phone number registered with us to assist this process.

You can help us run to your Appointment time by:

  • Consenting for us to use you mobile phone for txt appointment reminders - any replying "Y"
  • Being on time for your appointment
  • Booking a double (30 minute) appointment if your problem is complex or multiple
  • Acknowledging that if your booking with the doctor today is for a single appointment that will be for 15 minutes.  The Doctor will prioritise your problems and deal with only the most pressing problems today and may suggest that you re-book another appointment time for the remaining problems.


Lost Prescriptions, Certificates or Referrals

Lost/misplaced recent prescriptions, certificates or referrals are not just a nuisance for you. This will incur a reprint fee of $25 or it may require another consultation with a doctor. This is at the treating doctor's discretion.


Patient Results

It is important that you make an follow-up results appointment for 1-2 weeks if your Doctor requests it.  To protect your privacy, we do not give any patient results over the phone, in person or via email without your signed written permission.  Follow up appointments are encouraged for result interpretation.  A fee may be charged by your doctor for this.  It is advisable to discuss this with your doctor at the time the tests are ordered.

If symptoms worsen or persist you will require an appointment and possibly more detailed tests.


Interpreter services

Territory Medical can organise an interpreter in person; if available; or via speaker phone if you would like one. Please let the receptionist know that you would like to utilise this service when booking your appointment.  This service is available through the NT Interpreter and Translator Services and they can be contacted on 08 8999 4302


Management of your Personal Health Information 

Your medical records are confidential medico-legal documents.  Territory Medical maintains a locked and secure electronic protected database and maintains policies and procedures to guarantee the Privacy of this database in accordance with current Territory and National laws.


Contacting the Clinical Staff

It may happen that after your consultation you need to speak to the Doctor. The most appropriate action is that you make another appointment.  In extreme circumstances a message may be left for the doctor, but as many of our staff work part time, they may not receive it for several days. You may need to consider seeing the next available health professional.  



We are proud to serve you and your health and patronage is important to us.  We are leaders in Healthcare in our community and innovators in our field.  We are continually evolving and improving systems to help our patients.

The Practice and/or authorised representatives provide the practitioners with Practice Management Services in accordance with the practitioner’s instruction.  The treating doctor is responsible to you for all conduct.

If you have a complaint with or without constructive advice or a compliment (that would be nice!!) we would like to hear about it!

We have weekly staff meetings to help improve our service to you.  Please feel free to talk to your Doctor or our Practice Manager, Ms Angela Lee.  We can be contacted by our main phones, fax, PO Box, letter or admin e-mail.

Should you wish to make a complaint to the Health Complaints and Community Commissioner, they can be contacted on 1800 806 380.
We thank you for your comments and suggestions for our continued service improvement.