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Dr Jenny Davis performs acupuncture. An initial consultation is required to ensure that this is the right option for your condition.



Territory Medical offers a full time CASA DAME to service the companies located around the expanding Darwin International Airport.  We are entrusted with pre-employment and pre-placement medical support of Aviation Safety sensitive Aviation Activity (SSAA) staff to the major airlines and have been awarded the “QANTAS Port Doctor” position for Darwin. Specific pre-employment medicals are also performed for cabin attendants and ground staff.  Territory Medical also provides both AVMED and CASA MRO services to smaller local Darwin based Aviation companies including div rotary wing providers to off-shore oil and gas locations with Darwin bases.  Professional MRO services are an essential part of the strict Drug and Alcohol Management Programs (DAMP) enforced by the current aviation legislation.

The use of recreational drugs especially alcohol is a common occurrence in the Northern Territory.  This can present a risk in the workplace.  It has now become well accepted that workplace drug and alcohol programs are an essential element to control these risks.

Drug testing may also be useful in pre-employment assessment to ensure that your employees are capable of performing their duties in a safe manner. 

Territory Medical is certified to undertake supervised urine drug collections that are carried out by trained collection staff to the Australian Standard AS4308.  We can also conduct on-the-spot urine drug and breath alcohol testing to AS3547 within your organisation.

BOSIET and Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET)

Territory Medical offers Medicals for applicants wishing to undertake the HUET or TBOSIET courses offered in Darwin or elsewhere.  Applicants will be screened for medical conditions that will ultimately help reduce the risk to health and safety of themselves and others on these courses.  These courses equip offshore personnel with the knowledge, skills and confidence to respond appropriately in the event of an emergency while offshore and to enhance their survivability in the event of an emergency through the proper use of emergency equipment and procedures. 

TBOSIET course has been developed to be an internationally accepted warm water course covering Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET), related sea survival and an introduction to offshore work (permit-to-work, OSH regulations, first aid reminder etc). The TBOSIET is recognised and accepted as the 'Fit for Purpose' internationally recognised standard in most SE Asian and Middle Eastern countries (Brunei, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Abu Dhabi, Azabyjan).  TBOSIET certificate holders can also easily upgrade to the UK (or cold water) BOSIET qualification required for the North Sea and other cold water areas. Participants upgrading will need to complete additional HUET simulator exercises while wearing a transit suit and using an emergency breathing system.

Childhood Health Assessments
Pre school screening and vaccinations along with any other assessment or treatment required.

Chronic Disease
Our professional staff manages all chronic diseases such as asthma, coronary heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes and renal impairment.

Contraception and Family Planning advice and management
Advice and management including Implanon insertion and removal, IUDs and oral contraceptive advice.

Dr Bruce McGeorge provides a comprehensive range of services for diagnosis and treatment of the great variety of skin diseases. 
Dr McGeorge utilises modern examination equipment, microbiology and laboratory access, allergy patch testing, on-site nursing, cryotherapy, electrosurgery, chemical ablation, biopsy and full therapeutic prescribing. 
An individual approach is emphasized to provide practical treatment plans to suit each patient's specific needs.
Dr McGeorge performs onsite procedures as well as maintaining a theatre list at Darwin Private Hospital. 
Assessment and management of malignant, premalignant and benign skin tumours is performed. Where appropriate, tumours are removed and the consequent wounds repaired. Skin flaps and grafts are utilised when indicated. Reconstruction surgery can be performed on the nose, lip, eyelid and other parts of the face.

Diabetes Centre for Excellence
Territory Medical Doctors provide a very structured approach to Diabetes care which includes annual detailed whole of health written management plans  All Care Plans are bulkbilled to those with . These will serve as clear roadmaps for you and your healthcare professionals and give access to Medicare funding toward Allied Health services such as podiatry, dietetics or exercise physiology, should they be required. 

Drug & Alcohol Testing with an MRO

To enhance our drug and alcohol testing and assist companies with developing and interpreting their own Drug and Alcohol Management Policy (DAMP), Territory Medical offers a Medical Review Officer (MRO), a doctor who is member of AMROA with knowledge and understanding of: 
Alcohol and other drug testing testing procedures and methodologies
Interpretation of test results including alternative medical explanations for laboratory confirmed test results as well issues relating to adulterated and substituted specimens
Pharmacology of illicit drugs
Ethical and privacy issues surrounding workplace drug and alcohol testing
Laboratory methodology and quality control
Legislation and recommended standards in regards to A&OD programs
Substance abuse disorders and their management
Fitness for work and other medical related safety issues 

General Medical Consultations
by Australian qualified Specialist General Practitioners

Head, Neck, Maxillofacial and Oral Surgeon Consultations and in-patient Procedures
Our surgeons provide a comprehensive service including treatment for facial and neck trauma, H&N oncology, salivary gland diseases, facial pain syndromes. Management of all swellings of the region of the Head and Neck, both paediatric and adult, covering benign and malignant disease. This includes the care of all salivary gland pathology, goitres, and congenital lesions of the Head and Neck..
Scope of practice includes, benign and malignant skin lesions, removal of teeth including impacted wisdom teeth, dental implants, bone grafting, jaw cysts.
Facial trauma and fractures (eg nasal, orbital, maxillary, mandibular,frontal), orthognatic and reconstructive jaw surgery, head and neck oncology including thyroid diseases,
oral medicine.

Medicine for Industry
At Territory Medical we have a team of qualified and motivated Occupational Health doctors, nurses and administrative staff.  We will work with your organisation to provide a full range of tailor-made services.  These may include Pre-employment Medicals, Industry Specific Medicals, Executive Medicals, <Workplace Injury Management>, <Travel Medicine> and <Vaccination Services>, <Drug and Alcohol Testing> and Pathology Collection Services. We have a dedicated administrative team who will register your organisation and develop a simple set of communication procedures to ensure you have timely and efficient appointment bookings with us.  We can provide your organisation with a dedicated phone and email access that runs separate to our general practice and specialist appointment bookings.

Medical Assessments are tailor-made and currently conducted at our <Bayside location> at Territory Medical Bayside - 9 Keith Lane, Fannie Bay NT 0810. 

Our aim is to help reduce accident and injury risk to employees, especially the aggravation of any pre-existing injuries or conditions and to assist in accurate diagnosis and management of workplace injuries.  With this aim Territory Medical prefers that all our workplace injury clients have had pre-employment medicals performed or assessed by our doctors prior to engaging in workplace injury management with their companies or sub-contractors.

Pre-employment Medicals, Industry Specific Medicals, Executive Medicals are booked with our Occupational Nurse prior to seeing the doctor.  The allocated times will be coordinated by our administrative team and will depend on the type of medical and the required services that may include:

  • Comprehensive medical history questionnaires
  • Drug and alcohol risk assessment questionnaires
  • Physical and clinical examinations
  • Musculoskeletal assessments
  • Functional capacity Assessment
  • Heart conduction testing (ECG Tracing)
  • Hearing testing (Audiometry)
  • Lung function testing (Spirometry)
  • Fatigue assessments
  • Distance, near, colour and specialised vision screening
  • Vaccinations specific to occupation and deployment region
  • Drug, alcohol and other pathology testing


Men’s Health Assessments
Our doctors provide advice on the identified men’s health priority areas such as lung, skin, prostate and bowel cancer, also heart and lung disease.

Occupational Diving Industry AS 2299

Territory Medical performs Occupational Diving Certification to the AS2299 medical standard attained from the Submarine and Underwater Medical Unit (SUMU) located at HMAS Penguin, Sydney Harbour.  We interpret our own in-house Spirometry, Audiology and Tympanometry testing for all occupational divers.

Oil and Gas Industry

The acquisition in 2011 of the longstanding occupational specialised “Bayside Clinic” in the Darwin suburb of Fannie Bay, has allowed Territory Medical to extend their health delivery capability in the oil and gas industry. The former principal was pivotally involved in health delivery to the local Territory mining industry and was well respected by major Oil and Gas Companies.  Territory Medical has since proven its commitment to the Oil and Gas industry and supporting local employee recruitment here in the NT. Our Doctors travelled to Aberdeen, UK to acquire the worldwide OGUK (Formally UKOOA) Oil and Gas Off-Shore Occupational certification. Territory Medical is now, successfully delivering medical services to major Oil and Gas companies and their local sub-contractors active in this industry.  Appointment space is made available to consult our clients immediately and issue on the day written reports.  Assistance is provided in triaging medical evacuation casualties from off-shore production sites, providing primary assessments on arrival to Darwin International Airport with appropriate investigations, management and industry-appropriate injury documentation.

In addition to the standard Australian Government vaccinations we provide specialized vaccinations for the on and off-shore industry requirements in this region and throughout the world. These include Yearly Influenza (Flu), Typhoid, Hepatitis A and B, Tetanus, Yellow Fever, Whooping cough and more…

Post Natal 6 week check for Mothers and Babies

The postnatal or six-week check marks your official discharge from the maternity services, if there are no complications that need further visits.  Your check may include:

  1. A smear test, if you did not have an update before your pregnancy.
  2. An abdominal examination to ensure your uterus is back to its non-pregnant state.
  3. Look at your episiotomy or caesarean scar, if you had one.
  4. Blood pressure recording.
  5. Urine test.
  6. Blood test to check your iron levels.

Make a list of things you want to talk to your doctor about. For example, you might want to ask your doctor whether you are ready to start an exercise program, especially if you had a caesarean section.
Your doctor will also want to know how you’re feeling physically and emotionally.


Quit Smoking Consultations

We recognise that smoking cessation is very difficult and offer a number of treatments to help with this.
It is never too late to stop smoking. If a patient stops smoking at 45 the accelerated loss of lung function stops and, although the lung damage is irreversible, the further deterioration becomes the same as a non-smoker

Shared-Care Obstetrics

with experienced ANZCOG qualified General Practitioners

Travel Medicine

Territory Medical can provide you, your family or your employees with a full range of travel medicine services.
Our dedicated Travel Medicine staff will assess the travel destinations and advise on reported disease outbreaks.  We can advise of the medical requirements for the intended destination and ensure that any potential medical risks in that location are understood.  We can also suggest appropriate medications, Immunizations and offer helpful travel first aid kits for purchase.
In addition to the standard Australian Government vaccinations we provide specialized vaccinations for travel and industry requirements. These include Yellow Fever, Yearly Influenza (Flu), Q-fever, Typhoid, Hepatitis A and B, Tetanus, Whooping cough and more…

Territory Medical can also advise travellers of the regulations regarding travelling with prescription and over-the-counter medication.  It is important that appropriate documentation required by customs officials at destination and also on return to Australia is accurate.
If you need assistance with language we have phone interpretation available in 35+ Languages

Women’s Health Assessments

Our doctors provide advice on the identified women’s health priority areas such as breast, bowel, cervical and ovarian cancer, also musculoskeletal and cardiovascular risks. We provide a full range of contraceptive advice and options and advice on reproductive health and preventive health care including pap smears, breast checks and mammograms.

Workplace Injury Management

Territory Medical values clear communication with organisations for which we provide workplace injury management.  We would prefer to communicate with a single senior member of the organisation responsible for the injured worker to ensure a safe early return to work in any capacity as soon as medically feasible.

Our Occupational doctors will manage your employee’s injury from the initial assessment of injuries and throughout the treatment process.  Referrals for pathology, radiology, specialists and allied health professionals may be required.  Regular progress reports and assessment of fitness to resume regular or light duties will be provided to you and your insurers.