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Posted on 27 September, 2018

Investigations and results

Investigations and results

Generally blood tests, xrays and scans are only a part of your health assessment. Usually the doctor will need to discuss any abnormal results and sometimes order more tests even if all results are normal. Your doctor will need to assess if you are improving or if your symptoms are getting worse.

We request that you book your review appointment with the same Territory Medical Doctor that orders the tests and before you leave the surgery. 

If your results are abnormal the doctor will need to explain the scans and follow up treatment. If your scans are normal then the doctor may need to look for a different cause for your symptoms. This can not be done over the telephone. Scans are done to help the doctor with managing your problems and it is important to discuss the results with your doctor. You should never assume that if your tests are normal that you don't need to be seen again. 

Cervical screening - if there is something irregular  you will be asked to make an appointment and discuss the result with your doctor.

INR results are given over the telephone. We ask that you ring for your result late in the afternoon following your blood test. Remember, INR testing needs to be done at least once every month.

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