Drug & Alcohol Testing

We assist companies in developing Drug and Alcohol Management Policies (DAMPs)

To enhance our drug and alcohol testing and assist companies with developing and interpreting their own Drug and Alcohol Management Policy (DAMP), Territory Medical offers a Medical Review Officer (MRO).  Dr Dimitri Andropov is member of AMROA with knowledge and understanding of:

  • Alcohol and other drug testing testing procedures and methodologies
  • Interpretation of test results including alternative medical explanations for laboratory confirmed test results as well issues relating to adulterated and substituted specimens
  • Pharmacology of illicit drugs
  • Ethical and privacy issues surrounding workplace drug and alcohol testing
  • Laboratory methodology and quality control
  • Legislation and recommended standards in regards to A&OD programs
  • Substance abuse disorders and their management
  • Fitness for work and other medical related safety issues

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