Post Natal 6 week check for Mothers and Babies

The postnatal or six-week check marks your official discharge from the maternity services, if there are no complications that need further visits. Your check may include:

  1. A smear test, if you did not have an update before your pregnancy.
  2. An abdominal examination to ensure your uterus is back to its non-pregnant state.
  3. Look at your episiotomy or caesarean scar, if you had one.
  4. Blood pressure recording.
  5. Urine test.
  6. Blood test to check your iron levels.

Make a list of things you want to talk to your doctor about. For example, you might want to ask your doctor whether you are ready to start an exercise program, especially if you had a caesarean section.

Your doctor will also want to know how you’re feeling physically and emotionally.

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