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Friday 20 MAR 2020- Breaking news for NT

Please conserve testing for those at risk!  (limited test kits and PPE in Australia)

Time from virus exposure to test positive = 2 to 14 days  = 99.9% of cases

Median incubation period day 4-5 days

Patients potentially infectious 1-2 days prior to Sx

  • Non-essential large gatherings are prohibited (500 people outdoors and more than 100 people indoors)
  • People are legally directed to self-quarantine upon returning from overseas travel
  • There are penalties of up to $62,800 for failure to comply with the new COVID-19 directions.
  • NT Government will freeze Power and Water tariffs to July 2021 in response to COVID-19.
  • However, Power and Water billing will continue as per normal during this time. Customers still need to pay their bills.
  • There is a dedicated COVID-19 national hotline number - 1800 020 080.
  • If you live in Darwin and need to arrange testing, please call the Public Health Unit on 8922 8044.


CDC NT Alerts also now online!

Chief Health Officer Directions - Number 1


AHPPC Update

WHO- Situation reports

Australian Government site for COVID-19


Self-Isolation advice (NT)

General RACGP advice regarding confusion of Self-Isolation and Quarantine

Open letter to our patients 18 MAR 2020

It's WEDNESDAY 18th MAR and the government websites of CDNA are still FRI 13th MAR 2020... and there has been no update from NT CDC since early last week!

We have now RUN OUT of PPE for testing purposes and need to conserve stock for protection. Thanks to all Doctors and Nurses who have assisted greatly - We have swabbed many patients in our ambulance bay (drive through testing) since testing began. Unfortunately we were not successful in our submission late last week to be another testing facility in Darwin by the Government. All patients have returned NEG tests for SARS-CoV-2, however only a few have had the other viral screens returned which is understandable but frustrating - as some might have Influenza A and we don't know! All are recovering clinically however. Three patients were NOT contacted by CDC  by phone of their "COVID-19" NEG results and so continued in self isolation for 24-48 Hr longer than they needed to be until I called them to follow up on them.  The Telehealth billing items did not work for most of my patients and so this service was performed for free - limitations on item numbers are very frustrating. CDC have not offered to email results to patients. Many government workers that I have swabbed have been told to take 14 days paid leave - even though their symptoms have resolved AND they have had a NEG screening test AND are NOT in quarantine - mixed messages !! So be careful with the new government Telehealth item numbers as the patient HAS to have been seen by a doctor of the practice in the last 12 months to qualify - and you CAN NOT charge privately and rebate this item (IT MUST BE BULK BILLED ONLY !) Most of my patients do not fit this criteria as they were sent to me from CDC as their facility was full - so all my phone consults for this group were done for free.

If you only have time for a few sites today, then check out these links:

GOVT - CDNA link

WHO Situation reports

Don't confuse definitions: Quarantine and Isolation are being confused by too many commentators - Click here to find out.

TMG Pandemic Measures

The following information is ONLY if you are stuck at home for 14 days, (and / or after evidence for a ‘Royal Commission’ one day...)

Australian Clinical Information issues summarised: 

Apparently this might cost approx. $30 Million on public ads to disseminate...

Friday 20 MAR 2020- Breaking news for NT

“But the plans were on display…”
“On display? I eventually had to go down to the cellar to find them.”
“That’s the display department.”
“With a flashlight.”
“Ah, well, the lights had probably gone.”
“So had the stairs.”
“But look, you found the notice, didn’t you?”
“Yes,” said Arthur, “yes I did. It was on display in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying ‘Beware of the Leopard...”

            Douglas Adams

“... Panic is highly contagious, especially in situations where nothing is known and everything is in flux ...”

            Stephen King

“The average person touches their face two or three thousand times a day...three to five times every waking minute. In between that we're touching door knobs, water fountains, and each other...”

“...right now our best defence has been social distancing. No hands shaking, staying home when you're sick, washing your hands frequently...”

“...We have limited capacity for ... risk assessment, If you read the paper every day, you might see a lot of stories about people dying in car accidents. There aren’t stories about people dying of high blood pressure and heart attacks. Journalists don’t really write stories about these more mundane things...”

”... it’s terrifying and so dehumanising to hear the suffering of Chinese people...  Everyone has a different socioeconomic circumstance... Everyone has their own tribal views, their own confirmation biases, and preconceived notions. But fear doesn’t make us better equipped to be rational...”

“That people are terrified of coronavirus and don’t care at all about seasonal flu comes to this large point of our inability to differentiate risk... People don’t go swimming because of Jaws but will do things much riskier than swimming in the ocean. That’s a problem for people in the public health sector, because once people become terrified, it’s hard to manage.”

“...No one is immune to fear...

              S. Soderbergh, Burns, Brilliant et. al.

”... If you believe the economics profession, human beings are rational creatures.

According to the theory, we always act in our own best interests, dedicating our lives to maximising utility, which is a fancy way of saying our own personal satisfaction.  That healthy competition between individuals drives behaviour which ultimately leads to the efficient allocation of resources and supply meeting demand, thereby benefiting us all. It all sounds so civilised, so perfectly reasonable. Except, looked at another way, you could argue the theory really means we're all a bunch of greedy, conniving hedonists, scrambling to get one up on the bloke next door or the woman across the road, just to prove we're better than them. And occasionally, we'll do almost anything to achieve it, rational or otherwise...”

               Ian Verrender

TMG Summary

NOTE: Please refer to above two sites (CDNA and WHO Sit Reports)  from 10 MAR 2020 as this site is not being updated regularly until further notice given the current load our clinical services.

10 MAR 2020 - Letter from QANTAS

Email string from 10 MAR 2020 - 1535Hr ACST

This is from the AMA NT just now: “Patients can ring the public health information line 0889228044 and also ring their GP for advice in respect to their suitability for the Fever clinics”- The problem is- This is the CDC phone number that our Doctors call for advice!  Top End Medical Centre- Stuart Park have already given out this no. on a poster outside their GP clinic causing phone line congestion...

“Fever Clinic” was a term used about 4-5 weeks ago - now ‘fever’ is NOT the no. 1 identified factor, neither officially is the term “Pandemic” - but both are being used !! Why?!

TUES 10 MAR 2020 @ 1345Hr ACST  - The definition for a Suspected Case* has changed (in the NT only at this stage) to a minimum of anyone with: “…ANY international travel … with a cough…”  or Clinical staff with "...fever (≥37.5) AND ... a sore throat..." !!!

The sampler needs to wear "Googles" (SIC) as PPE !!  - Ref NT CDC  #13 (below) - LETS ALL HOPE THAT GOOGLE DOES NOT GET A VIRUS...

TUES 10 MAR 2020 - 1346Hr - COVID PDF -Dr Andropov

TUES 10 MAR 2020 - 1231Hr - email exchange between TMG PM and NT PHN

TUES 10 MAR 2020 - 1210Hr - COVID PDF -Dr Andropov

TUES 10 MAR 2020 - 0857 Hr - COVID PDF - Dr Andropov– Territory Medical Nightcliff & Mitchell

Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) advice for staff at RDH - 0809 Hr – update 7

MON 9 MAR 2020 - Letter to doctors from the Chief Medical Officer about the response to COVID Found on website TUES 10 MAR 2020

MON 9 MAR 2020 - 1500Hr - COVID PDF for web - Dr Andropov

6 MAR 2020 PPE picture DPH 2 - contradicts 1 !!

6 MAR 2020 PPE picture DPH 1

FRI 6 MAR 2020 1215 ACST - COVID PDF - Dr Andropov

THUR 5 MAR 2020 1115 ACST - COVID PDF - Dr Andropov  

WED 4 MAR 2020 1515  ACST - COVID PDF - Dr Andropov

WED 4 MAR 2020 1457 ACST - COVID PDF - Dr Andropov  

Tuesday 3 MAR 2020 11 ACST - COVID PDF - Dr Andropov

Informal presentation to The Honourable Natasha Fyles - NT Health Minister - 24 FEB 2020

Email from Dr Andropov to NT CDC 30 JAN 2020

TRAVAX 24 JAN 2019

          WHO - World Health Organisation


WHO Management of ill travellers at PoE

WHO Situation reports

WHO - COVID-19 Mythbusters


AVANT - Medical practice/ practitioner insurance advice

          CDC USA - Communicable Disease Centre


CDC Advice for Airlines


TRAVAX - COVID-19 - Members only

TRAVAX PDF - COVID-19 - 09 MAR 2020 (1142Hr 10 MAR 2020 ACST)

Coronavirus Disease 2019 - Shoreland Travax -Last updated March 8, 2020

TRAVAX PDF - COVID-19 - 05 MAR 2020 (1146Hr 06 MAR 2020 ACST)

TRAVAX PDF - COVID-19 - 04 MAR 2020 (1206Hr 05 MAR 2020 ACST)

TRAVAX PDF - COVID-19 - 03 MAR 2020 (1201Hr 04 MAR 2020 ACST)

TRAVAX PDF - COVID-19 - 27 FEB 2020 (1139Hr 28 FEB 2020 ACST)

TRAVAX PDF - COVID-19 - 26 FEB 2020 (1150Hr 27 FEB 2020 ACST)

TRAVAX PDF - COVID-19 - 25 FEB 2020

          Australian Government

GOVT - General Health Warnings

GOVT - CDNA link

GOVT - Health Alerts

GOVT - Border Force Interview PPE

GOVT - Info for the Health Sector

GOVT - Info for first responders

GOVT - Info for Travel Transport and Hotel Sector

          Re: INFLUENZA

GOVT - Influenza Flu Border Plan - 2009-2017 (currently under revew)

GOVT - National Pandemic Influenza Airport Border Operations Plan Flowchart - 2009

GOVT - PDF of above


latest media alerts


NT GOVT - Emergency webpage

NT GOVT - Territory Emergency Plan - April 2019 - PDF

GP travel advice Poster

        NT CDC

NT CDC - PDF - COVID Alert #14 - 14 MAR 2020

NT Alert 13 COVID-19 10032020 (INTERIM ADVICE ONLY)

NT CDC - PDF - COVID Alert #12 - 5 MAR 2020

NT CDC - PDF - COVID Alert #11 - 28 FEB 2020

NT CDC - PDF - COVID Alert #10 - 25 FEB 2020

NT CDC Newsletter - 20 FEB 2020)


Advice on Coronavirus for GPs


About Coronavirus for the General Public

NSW Health advice - via Health Direct

SA Health advice- via Health Direct

Western Australia advice - via Health Direct

Queensland Health advice - via Health Direct

"My Dr" advice (Tonic Health) - via Health Direct


          Latest PDF / You Tube updates checked FEB 2020

Update Advice

Infection control procedures, including environmental cleaning - 19 FEB - PDF

Updated advice for GPs - 14 FEB 2020- PDF

Updated Advice for GPs from NSW Health - January 30 - PDF

NSW Health Coronavirus Update webinar for GPs held 28th January 2020 - You Tube

ABC News report for NSW - 28 JAN 2020

How to don and fit P2 and N95 masks - PDF

          Smart Traveller (Australian Government Site)

Mainland China


Hong Kong






South Korea


           Australian travelling overseas - Public Health Declaration Forms

PENDING - Suggestions required !

Australian Government Card 2009

2009 PDF of above

Australian Government Arrivals flow chart 2009

2009 PDF of above

          MEDIA (Official & Social)

ABC News

ABC iView News

Nine News Darwin

Twitter #coronavirus

'Dr Google' - "Social Media Coronavirus" on 22 FEB 2020


          PHN Resources

Best PHN so far:

Nepean Blue Mountains PHN- COVID-19 Info

Other PHNs:

NT PHN (not much here...)

Murray PHN

NW Melbourne PHN

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18 March 2020

Open letter to all TMG patients regarding COVID-19 Pandemic Measures

Protection of Patients, Staff and the General PublicDear PatientAt Territory Medical Group, the health and well-being of our patients, staff & community are our number one priority, and we are closely monitoring the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic.We request that, regardless of travel, if you are…

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