Useful links and information to assist accurate and up to date information for TMG Staff regarding COVID-19

Latest TMG Clinical Resources- COVID-19                     (Archived posts as of 2020 MAR 22 1545HR)

2020 MAR 22 1800Hr

Latest TMG Clinical Resources- COVID-19                     (Archived posts as of 2020 MAR 22 1545HR)

Please conserve testing for those at risk!  (limited test kits and PPE in Australia)

Time from virus exposure to test positive = 2 to 14 days  = 99.9% of cases

Median incubation period day 4-5 days

Patients potentially infectious 1-2 days prior to Sx

Professor Doherty: "...very likely to develop immunity to COVID-19, making re-infection unlikely and raising the chances of vaccines being highly effective..."; predicts vaccine in 12-18 months (max)

Online panel discussion on COVID-19 recently hosted at the Peter Doherty Institute

  • Non-essential large gatherings are prohibited (500 people outdoors and more than 100 people indoors)
  • People are legally directed to self-quarantine upon returning from overseas travel
  • From 2020 24 MAR 1600 Hr ACST - "...all non-essential travellers arriving at the Territory borders (Air, Sea and Land) will be required to go through a police control checkpoint to verify their medical status and purpose of their travel into the Territory.
    They will also be required to self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival, with penalties for those who do not comply..."
  • There are penalties of up to $62,800 for failure to comply with the new COVID-19 directions.
  • NT Government will freeze Power and Water tariffs to July 2021 in response to COVID-19.
  • However, Power and Water billing will continue as per normal during this time. Customers still need to pay their bills.
  • There is a dedicated COVID-19 national hotline number - 1800 020 080.
  • If you live in Darwin and need to arrange testing, please call the Public Health Unit on 8922 8044- Press opt. 1 as a Doctor.
  • General public can be on hold for > 45min...

Latest TMG Clinical Resources- COVID-19                     (Archived posts as of 2020 MAR 22 1545HR)

Open letter to our TMG patients 18 MAR 2020

NT Government Advice:

Secure NT

NT CDC Health Alerts online

NT Government COVID advice

Self-Isolation advice (NT)

Chief Health Officer Directions - Number 1

Australian Government Advice:

Health Alerts - COVID


AHPPC Update

WHO Advice:


WHO - Situation Reports - COVID

WHO - Online Training - COVID

CDC USA Advice:

RACGP Advice:


General RACGP advice regarding confusion of Self-Isolation and Quarantine


ABC News

WHO Presentation Downloads:


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18 March 2020

Open letter to all TMG patients regarding COVID-19 Pandemic Measures

Protection of Patients, Staff and the General PublicDear PatientAt Territory Medical Group, the health and well-being of our patients, staff & community are our number one priority, and we are closely monitoring the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic.We request that, regardless of travel, if you are…

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