Your appointment with Dr Bruce McGeorge

Your appointment with Dr Bruce McGeorge

A registered dermatologist, Dr McGeorge trained in Australia, England and America. He graduated MBBS from University of Western Australia and trained at Royal Perth Hospital, University Hospital of North Durham and University of Minnesota Hospital. He practiced 10 years in Perth before moving to Darwin in 2010. Bruce is Senior Staff Specialist at Royal Darwin Hospital, Visiting Dermatologist at Darwin Private Hospital and Senior Lecturer at Flinders University. He teaches dermatology in Australia, Asia, North America and Europe and publishes academic works in National and International peer reviewed journals.

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Your appointment has been confirmed and your consultation will be at Territory Medical Group 159 Dick Ward Drive Nightcliff. 

Initial Consultation Fees

An initial consultation fee is $255.00 A review consultation fee is $185.00 These consultations are rebateable through medicare and some private health insurance funds. Payment is required at the time of consultation - accounts will not be issued.

New patient Registration

A new patient registration form MUST BE COMPLETED Prior to your consultation.


Appointments are limited and we would be most grateful if you could call or email, should you need to reschedule. Non-attendance fees may apply

Defence Cancellations

Defence cancellations are made through your individual defence medical centres, who will then notify TMG. Cancellations for defence should be made directly to Territory Medical Group in urgent cases only.

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