Allergy Clinic - Dr Sara Martin

Allergy Clinic - Dr Sara Martin

Dr Sara Martin is available  for consults regarding allergic diseases @ Territory Medical Group Nightcliff.

Services include assessment and management of:

Initial assessment can be provided for allergy testing  for  hayfever, asthma, eczema and food allergy. Currently Dr Martin does not perform patch testing for assessing allergic contact dermatitis: reereral to a Dermatologist should be considered if this condition is suspected.

*Links provided to further literature are supplied courtesy of ascia ®


Initial Consultation

45 minutes (44)  $210.00 Medicare rebate $107.15 

Total out of pocket $102.85

Antihistamines must be stopped 3 days prior to initial appointment if skin prick testing needed

Review appointments

Doctor will recommend if standard or long appointment required at initial consult

Standard 15 minutes $100 - Medicare rebate $37.60 

Total out of pocket  $62.40

Long 30 minutes  $170.00 - Medicare rebate $72.80 

Total out of pocket $97.20


Skin prick testing 

MAY be performed on the day if clinically indicated and time allows - antihistamines must be stopped at least 3 prior for testing to occur.

$70.00 (12001, 12002, 12003,) - Medicare rebate $38.95

Total  out of pocket fees $34.45 + consultation fees

Spirometry - usually requires an additional appointment

Diagnostic spirometry (11505) $70.00  - Medicare rebate $ 34.95

 Total out of pocket $ 35.05

Monitoring Spirometry (11506) $55.00 - Medicare rebate $20.55 

Total out of pocket $34.45



Injections $50.00 - Medicare rebate $17.20 

Total out of pocket $32.80

If more time is required with the Doctor standard allergy consultation fees apply as listed 

Repeat orders are available via OzDocs $25.00 however review appointment may be required.

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