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Christmas survival guide 2021

Christmas Survival Guide 2021 with images of indulgent Christmas foods

It’s the most beautiful time of the year ….. Right?! 

But, this time of year can be overwhelming. There are many social events to attend, many family and friends to meet, and plenty of food to eat. 

This is often when you have to put your needs aside and make sure everyone else is happy. 

This is why we created a survival guide for the festive season. It will help you get through the holidays without affecting your health. 

Moderation is key to enjoying life

Parties are great fun because they are filled with great food and great times. While it’s tempting to say yes to all great dishes, this is the right time to be selective with your choice. It’s easy to get distracted from your health goals, but it is essential to be particular about what you want to eat. 

Avoid overindulgence by opting for a nutritious snack 

Even when attending a Christmas party, try to eat regular meals. Overindulgence can be caused by skipping your everyday meals. If you know that dinner will be served, opt for a nutritious snack before you join your friends and family for food. 

Moderation when drinking alcohol 

If you have trouble with moderation, try to drink a glass of water or sparkling water mixed with fresh lime or orange. 

Choose to drink cocktails instead of hard drinks. 

Plan your meals

It’s possible to still enjoy Christmas without compromising your health.

You should be able to identify which foods are good for you. Avoid snacking on dips and nibbles, and focus your energy on the main event. Instead of consuming too many bread or snacks, make sure you eat delicious salads and vegetables.

Avoid processed foods

The purpose of processed foods is to make them taste good. This often involves adding a lot of sugar. Avoid soft drinks, cereals, and fast food at all costs. 

Whole foods are better than processed sugars. 

We understand that avoiding sugar can be difficult during holidays, but these tips will help you eat right. 

Continue doing some exercise even when you’re busy

Exercise is often the first thing to slip during the festive period. After months of a steady flow of movement, suddenly, you feel exhausted and unable to focus on your daily activities.

We recommend adding activities such as bushwalking with your friends, or running on the beach, just to keep track of your health. At the same time, you still enjoy your favourite foods. 

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