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Post-holiday depression is a real thing: Here’s how you can snap out of it

post holiday depression and how to snap out of it

Did you ever wonder why is it difficult to return to your normal life after a great holiday season? Yes, post-holiday depression is a real thing. 

So, here’s a list of to-do things that will help you snap out of it. 

After a fun filled holiday season, January marks the beginning of going back to reality and business as usual. 

The first few weeks of January usually feels wistful as our holiday season comes to an end. 

Post-holiday depression typically reflect the emotional cost of having just enjoyed a few weeks of fun.

For some it might be a major relief to get back to their usual life, however, for few of us coming down from the high of the “Christmas season” can be stressful.

So what is post-holiday depression?

post holiday depression

Post-holiday depression is characterised as a short-lived condition which has similar symptoms like anxiety and depression. It is caused when there is a sudden adrenaline comedown after a vacation ends.

Happiness expert and psychologist Dr Mellisa Weinburg of Deakin University’s School of Psychology, who studied this same phenomenon, suggests that post-holiday blues is the reflection of the emotional cost of having just enjoyed a few weeks of fun.

It often involves financial, emotional and physical compromises too. But since it is a short-lived mental condition, it is also pretty easy to recover from. All it needs is some extra effort into the basics of mental and physical well-being. 

6 to-do- things to effectively manage post-holiday depression:

post holiday depression

1) Start your recovery while at vacation

Holidays are a great time to recharge when you’re not working.

So fill up your holiday calendar with activities you like or involve in some kind of relaxation to recover from holiday blues quickly when you return home. Such as, going for a swim at the local beach will not only help you get some exercise but will also refresh your mind.

2) Get outdoors more often

Being outdoors is fun, but even more importantly, it is good for your mental well-being. Spending more time outdoors in a park or walking around your house can enhance your energy and leave you to feel happier.

Scientists have also found a magic number for it. According to a journal published in Nature Scientific Reports, spending 120 minutes a week strolling a tree-lined street can greatly enhance a person’s overall sense of well-being.

Getting outdoors can also come with the possibility of interacting with people like for example interacting with someone you met in a bus stop or even meeting someone over the cafe.

While outdoors, involved in some physical activities to help you beat holiday blues faster. You will be surprised to find how going for a run or playing your favourite sport can help you keep a happy mood.

3) Prepare a list of activities ahead of time

Come up with a list of activities you would like to do and spend some time to figure it out. Come up with some kind of routine such as reading a book or napping and put them in a calendar.

4) Avoid conflicts as much as possible

After returning to business as usual, your day-to-day life, as well as work, can seem more stressful.

Try to avoid any kind of conflict at work or home and remind yourself of the beautiful time you had during your holidays. In case you already know if there are going to be conflicts, prepare a neutral response.

5) Sleep well and avoid large meals at night

Since holiday schedules are usually filled with fun activities and more social gatherings, returning from it might make you feel restless.

Studies have shown that loss of sleep can trigger depression and negatively impacts your mental wellbeing. 

Preparing your bed before sleeping or reading a book and keeping yourself away from the TV can help you sleep better.

6) Ask for help whenever you need

Taking charge of your mental wellbeing is the cornerstone to snap yourself out of holiday blues. So, in doing so, if you need help or assistance, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Seek advice from doctors or mental health professionals if you are finding it difficult to cope up with holiday depression. 

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