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Welcome Aboard to Territory Medical Group -Dr Rebecca Dingle

Occupational Medicine and Environment Medicine, Dr Rebecca Dingle , Darwin

At Territory Medical Group, we are pleased to welcome our new Occupational Health Specialist – DR REBECCA DINGLE

Dr Rebecca Dingle is an accredited Occupational and Environmental Physician, based out of Darwin. With over 8 years of practising as an Occupational and Environmental Physician, Dr Rebecca can provide specialist consulting and knowledge to ensure a healthy, safe and productive workforce as well as facilitate interconnection of your workplace with a diverse range of health services provided by the Australian Government.

She closely works with employers, patients and other health professionals to ensure health and wellbeing for organisations and their employees.

Dr Rebecca for your Occupational and Environmental Medicine

As an expert in Occupational Medicine, Dr Rebecca will take into consideration your work environment that can impact both your health as well as work.

She can provide healthcare to workers and employees from a range of industries including retail, mining, logistics, construction, mining, hospitality and many more. She is also trained in civil engineering that enables her to bring a practical understanding of health hazards of the mining and construction industry into her practice.

Dr Rebecca also specialises in Environmental Medicine, primarily assisting patients with health issues impacted by the broader environment. Being practising in Northern Territory and having been working in Darwin since 2014, she understands the human health impact of industrial practices in Northern Territory and surrounding areas of Darwin.

For example, Dr Rebecca has developed a compatible understanding of environmental health hazards unique to Northern Territory such as extreme heat, heat-related diseases, mosquito-borne diseases, natural disasters including cyclones and Melioidosis.

Dr Rebecca and her List of Accreditation

  • Fellow of the Faculty of the Occupational and Environmental Medicine
  • Accredited Medical Review Officer for Drugs and Alcohol (AMROA
  • Authorised Health Professional by Rail Industry Safety and Standard Boards
  • Trained in Civil Engineering

Benefits of consulting Dr Rebecca Dingle for your occupational healthcare

Warehouse workers may need occupational medicine to perform better at workplace, Occupational Medicine Darwin
  • Having worked as a specialist for many years, Dr Rebecca incorporates many facets of Occupational and Environmental health care.
  • She is experienced in recognising, treating and preventing illnesses due to exposure to chemicals, heat as well as biological and chemical triggers in food, air and water.
  • Developing comprehensive health monitoring programs and surveillance systems to manage complex health cases.
  • Providing consulting for workplace injury management and conducting worksite health assessments
  • Providing workplace COVID-19 safety plans and mitigating any possible COVID-19 outbreaks 

With her wealth of knowledge and expertise, Dr Rebecca can help your organisation or an individual to identify key areas of risks for health and safety of your employees.

She can help your organisation to develop a management plan to reduce and prevent any work-related health hazards, illness and accidents leading to a safer and healthier workforce as well as decreasing any insurance premiums.

For more information on her practice, visit Occupational Physician – Process Healthcare

Dr Rebecca is currently working out of our Mitchell St Clinic. To make a booking, please give us a call on 08 8948 4333. Please note, Dr Dingle is not taking online bookings. 

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